US News Will Civil Discontent Shock The 2020 Election?


US News

The National Conventions are over and both President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden strategy to pick up the rate on the campaign path. Biden is concentrating on the coronavirus and how the Democrats say the Trump Administration mishandled it. On the other hand President Trump is doubling down on increasing violence and crime and duplicating the claim that Biden wants to defund the police. Tom Bevan, Co-Founder and President of RealClearPolitics discusses both the DNC and RNC, the civil discontent occurring throughout the country and how this campaign compares to 2016.

They made a dynasty out of duck searching and brought America along for the ride in the swamps of Louisiana. Now the patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family is sharing what he and his household have actually been doing since the popular show ended. Phil Robertson discusses his book “Jesus Politics: How to Recover the Soul of America” and what it resembled filming the popular show now available for streaming on FOX Country.

Plus, commentary by Karol Markowitz, New York Post Columnist.

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