US News Hogan Gidley: The Democrats Exist America As “Naturally Evil”


US News

On Fox News America with Jimmy Failla, Trump 2020 Project National Press Secretary Hogan Gidley talked about the first night of the Democratic National Convention and the image of America the Democrats sent to citizens.

” There was no messaging to it. Their description of the greatest country in the world was totally disjointed and not based in reality whatsoever. Talking about American not just as naturally evil, but as the cause of a lot of the world’s issues, which is simply absolutely ludicrous. We have actually had tough times. That’s not unique to America, every country has. The difference is we come out stronger, more unified on the back side of it since we have a set of shared common goals and ideals to make this country the best place in the world. It currently is, let’s simply keep making it better. But Democrats, for whatever factor, continue to excuse our greatness and run this country down. I didn’t hear one word about how Joe Biden was going to raise taxes by four trillion dollars. I didn’t hear one word about how Democrats are going to solve all of the problems they confront with riots and robbery in their cities. They control them all. You believe that led the program with here’s how we’re going to get criminal activity down in those cities.”

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