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US News Gregg Jarrett: Trump right to commute Roger Stone’s sentence– Stone committed no criminal activity, was framed by Mueller

US News

US News Gregg Jarrett: Trump right to commute Roger Stone’s sentence– Stone committed no criminal activity, was framed by Mueller

The legal landscape is littered with the destruction wrought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his “hit squad” of partisan prosecutors.By commuting the prison sentence of Roger Stone on Friday, President Trump took a justified step in rectifying an egregious wrong. The president’s decision was also a compassionate gesture toward a 67-year old man who…

US News Gregg Jarrett: Trump right to commute Roger Stone’s sentence– Stone committed no criminal activity, was framed by Mueller

US News

The legal landscape is littered with the damage wrought by Unique Counsel Robert Mueller and his “hit team” of partisan prosecutors.

By travelling the jail sentence of Roger Stone on Friday, President Trump took a justified step in rectifying an egregious wrong. The president’s choice was likewise a caring gesture toward a 67- year old guy who is not in the very best of health and would have entered a federal jail system Tuesday that is struggling to contain the deadly coronavirus that is specifically virulent for older Americans.

Illegitimately selected under federal regulations, Mueller utilized a scorched-earth technique to bully, daunt, and threaten individuals like former National Security Consultant Michael Flynn and Trump project advisor George Papadopoulos into coerced guilty pleas.


Mueller’s ultimate objective was to get these individuals to incriminate President Trump for fictional criminal activities based upon developed proof of Russian “collusion” to steal the 2016 presidential election. However they didn’t. There was nothing incriminating. But the truth was unimportant to the special counsel.

Mueller didn’t care that it was all a hoax and that the supposed “evidence” was fake. He was more than ready to require people to lie to wrongly implicate Trump/

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Individuals associated with the president– like conservative radio host Jerome Corsi and previous Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland– were put in a space and threatened with years behind bars if they decreased to capitulate. However they refused to lie and no charges were brought against them because there was no evidence they had actually done anything wrong.

Undoubtedly, Mueller never charged anyone with a “collusion” conspiracy, since it never really took place.

Roger Stone likewise resisted. But his penalty by Mueller was a 24- page indictment and jackbooted tactics during an early morning arrest at his house,

Twenty-nine FBI agents using tactical equipment and wielding M4 rifles, swept throughout Stone’s lawn. 4 representatives used a damaging ram to break down his front door and then pointed rifle barrels at Stone’s head.

A helicopter hovered above, and two police boats roared approximately the garden of Stone’s house. The bust was shown live on CNN, which simply happened to be there at 6 a.m.

The unusual raid was not developed to capture an armed and harmful criminal, but rather an author, self-promoter and long time good friend of Trump. The feds knew that Stone had no criminal record, owned no firearms, and had actually an ended passport and thus was not harmful or a flight threat.

But that wasn’t the point. The goal was to terrify the hell out of Stone so that he may say something harmful about Trump, even if it was a total fabrication. It was the equivalent of suborning perjury.

The goal was to scare the hell out of Stone so that he may state something damaging about Trump, even if it was a complete fabrication

Mueller’s abusive wielding of power in the arrest of Stone exposed the rot at the heart of the whole Russia examination. It was, as Trump tweeted at the time, the “Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country! Border Coyotes, Drug Dealerships, and Human Traffickers are dealt with much better.”

The indictment of Stone was a gaseous windbag of a file. It informed of an alluring story about Trump, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. The indictment recommended that Stone may have had some advance understanding or details about the contents of hacked Hillary Clinton project e-mails that were released by WikiLeaks in the summer of 2016.

” Advance knowledge” is not a criminal offense, by the way. Thus, all the froth come down to allegations of what are referred to as “process criminal activities”– blockage, making false declarations and witness tampering.

I do not desire to reduce or excuse procedure criminal offenses. No individual must ever lie, misinform, or block a genuine police examination. However Mueller’s probe was far from genuine.

Additionally, none of the charges had anything to do with Trump-Russia “collusion.” It was not declared that Stone had actually conspired with Russians to hack or steal documents.

Instead, Stone stood accused of reaching out to WikiLeaks and asking others to do so– as did hundreds of journalists in the summertime of 2016, myself consisted of. That is not a crime. If it was, I ‘d be composing this column behind bars.

An assessment of Stone’s emails showed that he supplied little more than the very same information that WikiLeaks had currently stated openly. Stone hypothesized that the Clinton e-mails would be harmful. However that was mentioning the obvious.

By attempting to place himself into the action, Stone produced the appearance that he understood more than he did– a frequent habit of his.

Mueller’s job was to uncover criminal offenses that had taken place prior to he was designated. However his investigation produced or produced the charges versus Stone. This invites the question: did Stone lie or make incorrect declarations?

Stone insisted that he had forgotten about some of the documents and conversations he had actually been asked to state, stating: “I am human and I did make some mistakes.”

Did Stone threaten a witness? Stone claimed his declarations were jocular and taken hugely out of context.

Although he pleaded not guilty, Stone was convicted by a jury in Washington in November.

If you are a friend of Trump, getting a fair trial in the District of Columbia is a difficulty, if not an impossibility, particularly in a politically charged case. In the last governmental election, 90.5 percent of the tallies in the country’s capital were cast in favor of Hillary Clinton. A scant 4.1 percent of votes were cast for Trump.

Suspicions of a wrongful conviction versus Stone ended up being more acute when brand-new evidence emerged after his trial that justice may have been reversed by a jury foreperson who harbored a disqualifying predisposition.

Tomeka Hart, the foreperson, is a Democratic activist who voiced severe anti-Trump viewpoints that were mainly concealed during jury choice. Prior to she was ever picked for the trial, Hart published various social media comments extremely important of Trump and actively participated in protests versus him.

Even even worse, in a string of posts Hart commented negatively about the Stone case itself, praised the Mueller examination and recommended that the president and his advocates (such as Stone) were racists.

Hart referred to Trump with the hashtag “klanpresident.” She should never, under any circumstances, have actually been sitting in judgment of Stone. Hart needs to have understood this, inasmuch as she is a legal representative.

As I pointed out in a previous column, Hart’s record is indicative of a manifest bias against Stone by virtue of his close association with Trump. Because Hart was the foreperson who had the ability to guide and even cause other jurors to found guilty Stone, it is most likely that he was denied of his constitutional right to an impartial jury and a fair trial,

Naturally, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who was selected to the bench by President Barack Obama, rejected a movement for a new trial for Stone.

The judge blamed Stone’s lawyers for not discovering evidence of bias prior to the trial began. Under the law, that is not an excuse for refusing to overturn a tainted conviction by approving a new trial.


When our imperfect system of justice stops working the president is constitutionally empowered to provide either a pardon or a commutation. Undoubtedly, he might do so for either a great reason or no reason at all.

President Trump did not pardon Stone, which would have absolved him of his convicted criminal offenses. Rather, Trump commuted Stone’s sentence of 40 months in jail.

Stone’s convictions will stand, unless a greater court reverses them on appeal. The political and media reaction will be serious, to be sure. However that has never prevented Trump before and needs to not in the future.


The contorted case of Roger Stone is a sad coda to the work of Robert Mueller. As Trump tweeted last month, Stone was “a victim of a corrupt and illegal Witch Hunt, one which will go down as the best political criminal offense in history. He can sleep well at night!”

Stone has suffered enough, He deserves to sleep in his own bed.


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