US News Fox News Rundown Extra: Tom Cotton’s Unapologetic Method To Stopping Big-City Violence


US News

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump announced the expansion of Operation Legend, a federal police effort to punish violent crime in America’s major cities.

Soon after his press event, Fox News Rundown host Jessica Rosenthal spoke with Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton about the program and how the federal government can deal with criminal offense spikes and discontent in various cities across the country.

In the segment that aired previously this week, US Senator Cotton talked about the virus, mask-wearing and his questionable op-ed in “The New York Times” that led to the resignation of the newspaper’s opinion editor.

The original conversation was too long and we could not include whatever the Senator had to state including his ideas on our intensifying tensions with China.

On The Fox News Rundown Additional, you will hear the entire conversation with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

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