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Politics Nolte: ‘Democrats Sit and Pout over the Prospering State of Our Union’


Politics Nolte: ‘Democrats Sit and Pout over the Prospering State of Our Union’

At Tuesday night’s State of the Union, President Trump stood triumphant on his record, Democrats sat and glowered with impotent rage, and the contrast was breathtaking… In Iowa, the Democratic Party cannot not even competently count 172,000 votes, and the ones that have been counted point to a win by Boy Mayor and Jurassic Marxist.…

Politics Nolte: ‘Democrats Sit and Pout over the Prospering State of Our Union’


At Tuesday night’s State of the Union, President Trump stood victorious on his record, Democrats sat and glowered with impotent rage, and the contrast was breathtaking …

In Iowa, the Democratic Celebration can not even properly count 172,000 votes, and the ones that have actually been counted point to a win by Kid Mayor and Jurassic Marxist.

On the dais in the U.S. Capitol, “Master Strategist” Nancy Pelosi, sat behind the president making childish faces throughout his State of the Union address, and after that closed out the night by physically ripping up her copy of the speech, an act so childish there are no words.

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In the audience of the U.S. Capitol, the Democratic Party, your house and the Senate, not only declined to applaud great news for America and Americans, these overgrown infants folded their arms, grimaced, and sulked (Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema was a welcome exception sometimes) due to the fact that blacks, Hispanics, females, and all Americans are enjoying record low unemployment and the first real wage growth in decades …

Because jobs and factories are returning to America, and the border is more safe, and the end of job-stifling regulations has actually lastly released the wonder of American entrepreneurship a complete decade after the Great Recession …

Due To The Fact That a little woman got a Golden Ticket out of a failed government school …

Since a generous 100- year-old war hero, who served in 3 wars for a country that had actually not yet approved him his complete rights, was promoted to Brigadier General. The president informed this Tuskegee Airman who flew over 130 fight objectives in World War II, “Our Nation salutes you,” but the Democrats did not.

Democrats could not even applaud a man with level-four lung cancer.

Simply put, the Democrat Celebration is angry and bitter over the very first era of peace and success this nation has enjoyed in nearly 20 years– because September 11, 2001; they rage America is on its feet and moving forward; they’re so far gone, so lost, so severe, their response to policies the Democrat Party itself welcomed a mere years ago is just the sulking rage of sullen contempt.

And then there was the president, President Trump …

Here stood a man who quit the dream life as a hugely successful business person and celebrity; who, unlike everyone else because room, is financially poorer for entering politics; who thrust himself and his precious household into the maw of the left’s Unrelenting Hate Maker … Who for 4 godawful years has been smeared as a racist and rapist by billions of dollars in corporate media lies … Who won a fair and square presidential election just to spend 3 years combating to not have actually that victory reversed by a corrupt Deep State, a lot more corrupt political media, and Democrats whose only objective after acquiring power is to abuse it.

And still he stood triumphant. Not out of hubris, not out of pride or empty bragging, not even for in some way making it through the most relentless, terrible, and deceitful attacks in modern political history …

No, Trump’s accomplishment came from only one place: his undeniable achievements, his irrefutable case for a 2nd term.

” The joblessness rate for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans has reached the least expensive levels in history.”

” African-American youth unemployment has reached an all-time low. African-American poverty has decreased to the most affordable rate ever tape-recorded.”

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” The unemployment rate for ladies reached the most affordable level in practically 70 years, and in 2015, ladies filled 72 percent of all new jobs included.”

” The veteran joblessness rate dropped to a record low.”

” The joblessness rate for handicapped Americans has reached an all-time low.”

” The joblessness rate is the lowest in over half a century.”

” African-American poverty has actually declined to the most affordable rate ever recorded.”

” Employees without a high school diploma have actually accomplished the most affordable joblessness rate taped in United States history.”

” A record variety of young Americans are now utilized.”

” Real mean family income is now at the greatest level ever taped.”

“[T] the net worth of the bottom half of wage-earners has actually increased by 47 percent– 3 times faster than the increase for the top 1 percent.”

” Jobs and investment are pouring into 9,000 previously-neglected areas thanks to Chance Zones.”

” America is now energy independent.”

” After losing 60,000 factories under the previous 2 administrations, America has now gotten 12,000 brand-new factories.”

This news irritated America’s elected Democrats.

The contrast was awesome.

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