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Politics ‘Divisive, Short-Fingered Vulgarian’: Never Ever Trumpers Comprise Tennessee’s Manny Sethi’s Entire Senior citizen Campaign Personnel


Politics ‘Divisive, Short-Fingered Vulgarian’: Never Ever Trumpers Comprise Tennessee’s Manny Sethi’s Entire Senior citizen Campaign Personnel

Dr. Manny Sethi, a candidate for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, decided to surround himself with Never Trumpers, including his campaign manager who believes President Donald Trump is a “divisive, short-fingered vulgarian.” Sethi has presented himself as a “conservative outsider” in the race against the Trump-backed Bill Hagerty, but all the people…

Politics ‘Divisive, Short-Fingered Vulgarian’: Never Ever Trumpers Comprise Tennessee’s Manny Sethi’s Entire Senior citizen Campaign Personnel


Dr. Manny Sethi, a candidate for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, chose to surround himself with Never Trumpers, including his campaign supervisor who thinks President Donald Trump is a “divisive, short-fingered vulgarian.”

Sethi has provided himself as a “conservative outsider” in the race versus the Trump-backed Bill Hagerty, but all the individuals he has brought into every senior role in his project are devout Never Trump political experts.

His campaign manager Forrest Barnwell-Hagemeyer, for instance, is a former staffer to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich– a Never ever Trumper expected to endorse 2020 presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. Kasich is up until now in for Biden that he is expected to desert the Republican politician Celebration entirely to speak at the Democrat National Convention (DNC), or whatever form of a DNC there is, to try to oust Trump. On his Facebook page, Barnwell-Hagemeyer still has a photo of him using a Kasich shirt from April 5, 2016, when the previous Ohio governor was attempting to stop Trump from winning the GOP nomination.

A couple weeks prior to that Kasich t-shirt picture, Barnwell-Hagemeyer in a now-deleted March 23, 2016, Facebook post, attacked then-candidate Trump while hyping a speech then-House Speaker Paul Ryan made trying to distance Republican politicians from the guy who would end up being president.

” If you haven’t seen Speaker Ryan’s remarks yet, I extremely suggest it,” Barnwell-Hagemeyer composed. “This is what conservatism has to do with, this is what the Republican politician Celebration represents, and these are the ideas we must fight for.”

In the next paragraph of the post, Barnwell-Hagemeyer declared the GOP nomination could be “pirated” by Donald Trump, a “dissentious, short-fingered vulgarian.”


Later, when Trump really won the GOP nomination and Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) left of the race, Barnwell-Hagemeyer reposted in another since-deleted Facebook post an open letter that Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) wrote to what he called “BULK AMERICA,” and in which Sasse stated of individuals who genuinely believed either Trump or Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton were “honorable individuals” that they were “unusual souls.”


Barnwell-Hagemeyer in more posts even after Trump won the nomination continued hyping his opposition to Trump. In a June 7, 2016, Facebook remark in reaction to someone who shared a Los Angeles Times short article about how former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger voted for Kasich– his candidate– Barnwell-Hagemeyer wrote, “So you’re informing me there’s an opportunity?” Kasich had left of the race more than a month beforehand.


Then later, in October 2016, Barnwell-Hagemeyer assaulted Trump in a still-public post for saying the election was “rigged,” declaring the male who would become president was taking part in “unsafe” commentary for attacking Clinton in that way. “Elections are not rigged. Duration,” he composed. “To even discuss this dystopian talking point as reality is not just blatantly incorrect, it threatens.”

Barnwell-Hagemeyer is not the only Never Trump ideologue on Sethi’s payroll. Sethi’s project chairman and senior advisor Chris Devaney in August 2015 tweeted appreciation for an op-ed that called into question Trump’s promise to construct a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and slammed Trump’s candidateship for the White Home. Devaney tweeted that the op-ed, from his “pal” veteran governmental campaign staffer Dean Rice, was “good.”

Good op/ed by my pal Dean Rice, a veteran of two presidential projects, on Trump.

— Chris Devaney (@FormerChairman) August 17, 2015

In the op-ed that Sethi’s project chairman praised, Rice accuses Trump of “bombastic macho-ism” and “sleight of rhetorical hand” that he argues “has actually caused supporters to error disrespect for sincerity and bad personality for conviction.”

” Trump disappears truthful than the next political leader– some are, and some are not, just as in any other section of American life,” Rice wrote. “He is likewise simply as political as anybody in Washington. You do not need to hold public office to be political.”

Likewise in the op-ed that Sethi’s top advisor praised, he accuses Trump’s advocates of harboring a “gut-level notion that somehow America was biggest when it was white, male, Christian, and straight”– to put it simply implicating Trump fans of being racist, sexist, anti-gay religious bigots.

In addition to those slurs against Trump fans, Sethi’s campaign chairman’s “friend” composed that Trump was lying when he guaranteed to build a wall. “Trump knows well there will never ever be a physical wall constructed throughout our entire border with Mexico,” he wrote, adding that Trump’s promise was “fantasy” not “policy.”

Devaney and Barnwell-Hagemeyer are not alone amongst Sethi’s senior project staff in slamming Trump. Sethi’s basic consultant Jordan Gehrke, a longtime political operative who’s likewise worked with Sasse over in Nebraska, has a history of slamming the president on Twitter.

In several tweets throughout 2015 and 2016, for example, Gehrke repeatedly tweeted that Trump was a plant by the Democrats in the GOP primary– even calling him a “Manchurian prospect” in one and accusing the now-president of purposeful subterfuge in the GOP primary that would benefit Clinton in another:

Seriously, if I were Hillary Clinton and I were trying to mess up the GOP Primary, I could not do a much better job than Trump is right now.

— Jordan Gehrke (@Gehrke) August 5, 2015

More evidence that Trump is the Manchurian Prospect. Had a personal call with Expense Clinton right before announcing.

— Jordan Gehrke (@Gehrke) August 5, 2015

In other tweets, Gehkre called Trump a “sleaze who steamrolls the little man” and buffooned Trump’s pledge to nominate conservative judges and justices:

Yo, SuperPACS: You won’t stop Trump by calling him a phony conservative. Address his strengths– as a sleaze who steamrolls the little guy.

— Jordan Gehrke (@Gehrke) February 1, 2016

Trump says he knows Two Corinthians, either among whom would make great judges.

— Jordan Gehrke (@Gehrke) February 14, 2016

He likewise incorrectly implicated then-Trump project manager now senior project advisor Corey Lewandowski of assault:

It’s dreadful that we are this far into the dispute & nobody has asked Trump why he hasn’t fired Lewandowski for assaulting @MichelleFields

— Jordan Gehrke (@Gehrke) March 11, 2016

And simply two days prior to Trump covered the GOP election in Indiana, Gehrke incorrectly anticipated Trump would lose in November and said anyone who supports Trump is “stained” by him “forever” while urging people not to “sell their soul” by supporting Trump:

NOT true. Anybody who supports Trump is stained by him permanently. Don’t sell your soul, kids. He’s gon na lose anyway.

— Jordan Gehrke (@Gehrke) May 4, 2016

In his state in Tennessee, Sethi’s highest-profile recommendations, previous U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp and his child Weston Wamp, both have actually routinely slammed Trump even after he was president.

Zach Wamp, in August 2017– almost a year after Trump won the election and months into his presidency– attacked the president declaring he put all Republican politicians at threat:

Politics has to do with addition, not subtraction. As President Trump turns on generally everyone, who goes down with him? The GOP-all at danger.

— Zach Wamp (@IOWamp) August 17, 2017

Weston Wamp, as just recently as 2018, was openly defending now former Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN)– a devout Never Trump senator who regularly undermined Trump:

That’s insulting. I disagree with Corker frequently, but I won’t let his independence from Trump make him a RINO. After all, Trump isn’t a conservative. I asked for a Senator more principled on the nationwide debt and you sent me ranking by a libertarian think tank.

— Weston Wamp (@westonwamp) September 18, 2018

He likewise claimed Trump is “not even a conservative”:

I get that. But supporting the President at every point is not a conservative base test, it’s a commitment test. As you understand and I understand, Trump is not even a conservative in the standard sense.

— Weston Wamp (@westonwamp) September 18, 2018

Just last year, in 2019, Zach Wamp sent a number of other tweets attacking Trump and siding with both the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain:

@realDonaldTrump Mr. President-this is a loser for you. Rotate back to your core issues. Given up being unimportant and punitive with individuals. You’re the leader of the complimentary world for heavens sake. Please concentrate on helping individuals. #prayingforAmerica

— Zach Wamp (@IOWamp) March 21, 2019

It is likewise bad type, politically dumb, distracting from his agenda, ill-advised and … classic Trump. Having said that, a war in between these 4 and Trump, helps Trump. Both parties have issues. #CountryOverParty gHjz

— Zach Wamp (@IOWamp) July 14, 2019

The 2 Wamps sent a variety of more anti-Trump messages throughout 2018 and 2019 and even into 2020 while they have been backing Sethi:

No one in DC has any trustworthiness on spending or fiscal obligation- not President Trump, not Senate Republicans, not Home Republicans. Even the think tanks are rudderless. This is generational theft. #WeMustDoBetter

— Zach Wamp (@IOWamp) July 23, 2019

Total with a Trump typo. As my daddy told me, “I’m old enough to remember when individuals announced their own projects.”

— Weston Wamp (@westonwamp) July 16, 2019

@realDonaldTrump Mr. President- this type response harms your brand, the agenda and more importantly human dignity. #CountryOverParty m47

— Zach Wamp (@IOWamp) August 2, 2019

President Trump is flirting with single handedly tanking a solid economy with fantastic consumer confidence, low unemployment, good incomes and low inflation.

It’s exhausting to enjoy.

— Weston Wamp (@westonwamp) August 23, 2019

Really, as somebody who has been in GOP leadership at the local and state level considering that 1980, I respectfully say that most Republicans would disagree with the flawed concept that voting by mail hurts the GOP. SENIOR CITIZENS vote by mail!!! #CountryOverParty

— Zach Wamp (@IOWamp) April 8, 2020

Ronald Reagan made a republican out of me. So I have 30 years seniority on @realDonaldTrump in GOP. This is non-sense. We must enhance absentee voting options consisting of mail during the pandemic brought out at the state level. #CountryOverParty

— Zach Wamp (@IOWamp) Might 29, 2020

Possibly most surprisingly about this story of Sethi surrounding himself– by option and with his campaign staff hiring choices– with Never Trumpers is the fact that Sethi declines in any respect to address it at all.

After nearly a week of asking about this, his project expert Gehrke sent out a declaration from project spokesperson Adrienne Walker to Breitbart News that did not attend to any of the questions sent to Sethi’s project about his entire senior staff. The statement merely claims that Sethi supported Trump in the earliest days of the 2016 governmental primary campaign and attacks his challenger Hagerty– who actually did support the president and is backed by the president– by asserting that Hagerty supported other Republican politicians in the primary.

” Dr. Manny supported President Trump from the start in the 2016 primary campaign while Bill Hagerty was with Jeb Bush and after that Marco Rubio,” Sethi spokeswoman Walker said in the offered declaration. “There’s one genuine conservative in this race: Manny Sethi.”

Through Gehrke, as well, all of the Never Trumpers including himself exposed in this short article refused interviews and would not even say if they still hold the views they have actually revealed against the president throughout the years. They all– from Gehrke to Barnwell-Hagemeyer to the Wamps to Devaney– refused any concerns at all about their Never Trump histories or whether they still hold those views.

What’s a lot more curious about this case is that Sethi’s project had been virtually begging Breitbart News for months to feature Sethi in an interview and to highlight his project by claiming he was the “genuine outsider” in the race. They repeatedly claimed that Breitbart News coverage of the Trump-endorsed Hagerty, with whom the president just conducted a virtual city center and with whom Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is marketing in Tennessee later today, was in some way a betrayal of the base and selling out in some regard. But when Breitbart News accepted the deal to talk to Sethi and informed the project that these Never ever Trump staffers would be a topic of the interview since Sethi had actually been representing himself as an outsider but surrounded himself with political specialists like the above exposed people, Sethi’s experts quickly pulled back and canceled Sethi’s strategies to sit for the interview thereby hiding the prospect and safeguarding themselves from public examination over their actions.

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Trademark political moves from Gehrke’s and Barnwell-Hagemeyer’s previous projects are on display screen in this race. Sasse’s 2014 U.S. Senate primary, for circumstances, was one where he represented himself– similar to Sethi is doing– as the “conservative outsider” in the race. When Breitbart News approached Gehrke back then with concerns regarding Sasse’s position on migration levels to the United States, he had actually assured to address them and offer quotes from Sasse or his group on the matter. Then, after numerous days passed, Gehrke ended up lastly providing a quote that did not fully address the question and exposed the possibility that Sasse would support increases in legal migration– all while Gehkre lined up endorsements from senators like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for Sasse in the last days of the project. Interestingly, on Wednesday, Cruz simply backed Sethi in Tennessee– simply like he did for Sasse– despite all of these career experts around him.

But one of the other topics that Sethi declines to discuss– again, in addition to the Never Trump experts around him, this is one topic that Breitbart News had said it wished to ask him about that rather caused Sethi’s group drawing back its aggressive ask for a Breitbart News interview with the prospect– was merely whether Sethi authorizes of the way Sasse has handled himself as a senator because winning that main and later the general election in2014 Sasse has, throughout the Trump presidency, routinely attacked the president and criticized the method Trump has governed. The 2 seem to have primarily buried the hatchet, at least in the meantime, with the president backing his reelection. But Sasse has, along with now previous Sens. Corker and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) in addition to now Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), been a thorn in Trump’s side on concerns consistently attacking him and loaning the trustworthiness of a so-called self-proclaimed” conservative” to anti-Trump narratives from the left and facility media.

In addition to his work for Kasich, Barnwell-Hagemeyer previously worked for now Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee in2018 A pollster connected to Gehrke, JMC Analytics, conducted a survey because main revealing Lee ahead of his challenger by 6 percent soon before the main. The JMC survey, local outlets reported at the time, provided Lee a rise in energy in the last weeks and he wound up winning the primary. The polling company insisted it was acting separately, but Gehrke has a stake in Success Phones– a company that JMC has used for auto-dialing to perform ballot in some races. Similarly, in this race, JMC Analytics has released a poll today in the U.S. Senate primary showing Hagerty leading by simply 4 percent over Sethi. There have actually been a variety of recent surveys in the primary, however this one was the very best news yet for Sethi– if it were true. It appears to be what lured Cruz, who has actually backed other Gehrke clients like Sasse in the past, into the race.

What’s different in between the 2018 race when this technique– the release of a poll showing momentum that turned into actual campaign momentum– worked and this time, nevertheless, is the JMC survey did not even show Sethi in the lead like the 2018 survey provided for Lee.

Tennessee Senate Republican Primary:

Bill Hagerty 36%( 4 )

Manny Sethi 32%

George Flinn 5% @WinWithJMC, With Leaners, 7/18-19 #TNsen

— Political Surveys (@Politics_Polls) July 21, 2020

The reality that Sethi has actually made a project decision to refuse to deal with any of this– and instead is simply counter-attacking his opponent Hagerty declaring Hagerty is an establishment Republican politician while claiming he is the “real conservative” regardless of installing proof to the contrary– provides credence to the Hagerty criticisms of Sethi as a fraud who is falsely declaring to be an outsider, similar to Sasse did when he ran as such in 2014 then got to Washington and continuously stabbed Trump in the back. Hagerty’s team highlighted Sethi’s history as a governmental physician in Massachusetts– where he lived prior to he transferred to Tennessee– and his previous assistance for Obamacare.

A new television ad that Hagerty’s group released today claims conservatives can not trust Sethi, mentioning his history of serving on the board of a Massachusetts medical group that supported Obamacare which shows uncovered video of Sethi protecting Obamacare. “Some people call that Obamacare,” Sethi says in the video footage. “Don’t say that in public circles because that’s a very political statement. It’s the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

Hagerty’s group also presented a website called “Massachusetts Manny” that claims he is “too liberal for Tennessee,” including much of what’s in the brand-new ad and more including that Sethi made a small contribution to ActBlue– the political fundraising arm of the Democrat Celebration– when he resided in Massachusetts. Sethi likewise, files consisted of on the Hagerty group’s website unveil, made an application for a task in previous President Barack Obama’s administration prior to he later transferred to Tennessee.

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