Food drink The most terrible and unusual fast-food menu products of the last decade


Food drink


food  drink Burger King Mac n Cheetos 6

food  drink Burger King Mac n Cheetos 6

Hamburger King’s Mac ‘N Cheetos were just one bizarre menu item to present this year.

Hollis Johnson

It’s been a wild and typically stressful years in fast food.

There were highs, such as– surprisingly– IHOP’s burgers. And there were lows, like Chipotle’s attempt at queso.

Then, there were things that were simply bizarre. As fast-food chains contended to win over clients, they increasingly went wackier and wackier, with a boom in strange menu items in the mid-decade.

Here are 6 of the most over-the-top menu products in the last years of fast-food history.

Food drink Pizza Hut’s hot dog crust pizza

food  drink pizza hut hot dog pizza

Pizza Hut.

The hot canine packed crust pizza struck Pizza Hut menus in2015 According to Company Insider’s trial run at the time, the pizza was fine, however the crust was too salted.

” The pizza part itself was relatively standard Pizza Hut pizza with a soaked crust,” a tester stated.” The hot pet was salty, the pretzel surrounding it was salted– there’s just no other way I might consume more than a slice of this.”

Food drink Buffalo Wild Wings’ Mountain Dew Wings

food  drink Buffalo wild wings buffalo wings 8

Irene Jiang/ Service Insider.

Likewise in 2015– a wild year in quick food– Buffalo Wild Wings rolled out a new sauce made with Mountain Dew, lemongrass, ginger, red peppers, and soy sauce.

Food drink Hamburger King’s Whopperito

food  drink Whopperito

Burger King.

Service Insider’s Hollis Johnson somehow liked the Whopperito when it hit Burger King’s menu in2016

” I’ll admit, I entered into this anticipating a sopping, cheese-laden torpedo; I stand corrected,” Johnson composed. “The Whopperrito, despite how uninviting it may sound, is a delicious and flavorful item that surpasses expectations.”

Food drink Burger King’s Mac ‘N Cheetos

food  drink Burger King Mac n Cheetos 4

Hollis Johnson.

The Mac ‘N Cheetos divided Business Expert when Hamburger King included them to the menu in2016

One critic said: “As a purveyor of absurdly flavored garbage guilt food, such as filling station corn canines and dill pickle sunflower seeds, this was seriously disappointing. They truly require to lean in more on the Cheeto taste. It resembled they took typical breading and made it orange, it didn’t have that super-duper fake Cheeto cheese taste that I desired.”




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