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  • Yelp ranked the finest food and drink celebrations in the United States based upon client reviews.
  • Food and drink celebrations are a great method to find out about a city’s culture and taste dishes you wouldn’t typically get to attempt.
  • The list of leading celebrations includes plenty of barbecue cook-offs, a Thai food festival, and an occasion paying tribute to Asia’s popular night markets
  • According to Yelp, the very best food celebration in the nation is the SOS Wild and Crazy Taco Night, which is held in April in Costa Mesa, California.
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You can discover so much about a location through its food and drink scene– and a festival is the ideal place to begin. The very best dining establishments gather in one area, excited to display their most innovative productions or traditional classics.

Whether you’re diving into a warm plate of beignets drizzled in hot fudge at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, or sampling endless slices of bacon at Baconfest in Chicago, there truly is a food celebration for every taste bud.

Expert worked with Yelp to devise an all-time list of the finest food and beverage festivals in the US. Keep reading to find out the supreme ranking of food celebrations across the US, according to Yelp users.

Food drink 28 Baconfest Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

food  drink Baconfest Chicago

Crowds sample a large range of bacon flavors.

Baconfest Chicago/Peter Tsai/Facebook

” Once a year an event happens which brings me so close to a heart attack … I can typically feel my organs shutting down. BACONFESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!! This was my 3rd time going to Baconfest and it was as fun as ever. My preferred part of the 2017 Baconfest was exchanging some pleasantries with Bobby Flay! My life is now total.”– Yelp user Sarah S.

Baconfest Chicago will be held on April 18,2020

Discover More about Baconfest Chicago here.

Food drink 27 Queens Taste, Queens, New York

food  drink queens taste

A chef thoroughly plates a couple of meals for starving visitors to attempt.

Queens Taste/Facebook

” So lots of tasty stalls– heavy on coffee, alcohol, and sugary foods, though with ample savory options for a full supper. Highlights consisted of Casa Del Chef trout, Lion City Coffee Singaporean breakfast, Mighty Oak coffee, Corazón de México mole tacos, and Layla’s Handmade Mediterranean Sweets.”– Yelp user Carl B.

Queens Taste will be on May 5, 2020.

Learn more about Queens Taste here.

Food drink 26 Munch and Stomp Chili Cook-off and Bluegrass Celebration, Atlanta, Georgia

food  drink Chomp and Stomp Chili Cook-off and Bluegrass Festival

The Chomp and Stomp festival in Atlanta.

Chew and Stomp Chili Cook-off and Bluegrass Festival/Facebook

” The chili overall was fantastic (and ideal for the weather condition!), with various taste profiles, level of spice, styles. After we were done tasting chili, we strolled around the entire festival (which was pretty sprawling), where there were bluegrass bands performing at different parks, arts and crafts vendors, desserts and pastries like sweet cheats and little tart bakeshop.”– Yelp user Maria L.

The 2020 date has yet to be revealed, but will most likely remain in late fall2020

Discover More about Chomp and Stomp Chili Cook-off and Bluegrass Celebration here.

Food drink 25 Sowa Free Market, Boston, Massachusetts

food  drink Sowa Open Market

Get in the holiday spirit as you taste winter season recipes under twinkle lights.

SoWa Boston/Facebook

” Came for Lamb Jam (packed my face and my tummy to surge), remained for the enjoyable! Food trucks and walking things to do. Didn’t realize how up and up this community was!”– Yelp user Rita V.

This year, SoWa Open Market will be every Sunday from May to October.

Discover More about Sowa Open Market here.

Food drink 24 Town Point Virginia Wine Celebration, Norfolk, Virginia

food  drink Town Point Virginia Wine Festival

Guests have their glasses ready to sample brand-new and inventive flavors.

Norfolk Festevents/Facebook

” If you leave this event sober or mad you have nobody to blame however yourself. The red wine flows aplenty and the environment gets along and fun. Grab a glass, walk, increase to a wine supplier’s table, get your sample on, smile, having fun, and repeat.”– Yelp user Jordan B.

Town Point Virginia White wine Festival will be on May 16 and 17, 2020.

Discover More about Town Point Virginia Wine Celebration here.

Food drink 23 Big Texas Beer Fest, Dallas, Texas

food  drink big texas beer fest

Arrive early to beat the crowds!

Big Texas Beer Fest/Facebook

” Dallas has no shortage of kickass events nearly every week, so it’s difficult to stick out. The Big Texas Beer Fest does simply that. And you do not have to be a beer lover to see why. The crowd is unbelievable– in three short years it’s larger than any other celebration of beer you can find in the area. Not just that, however they have EVERYTHING!”– Yelp user Helina M.

This year, Big Texas Beer Fest will be on March 27.

Find Out more about Big Texas Beer Fest here.

Food drink 22 Croquetapalooza, Miami, Florida

food  drink Croquetapalooza

Dos Croquetas won the Croquetapalooza People’s Option Award for 2019 with a Medianoche Croqueta.

Burger Beast’s CroquetaPalooza

” I have actually gone to this event 3 years in a row and I feel like each year is better than the last. To our benefit, chefs from all over compete for leading croqueta honors. It’s enjoyable to speak to chefs and discover what inspired them to produce their special croquetas. Clearly, some taste combinations don’t appeal to everyone but I’m sure you will discover that croqueta that will make you go aye aye!!! Likewise do not miss the croqueta consuming contest.”– Yelp user Victor M.

The date of Croquetapalooza has not yet been revealed, however will likely remain in December 2020.

Find Out More about Croquetapalooza here.

Food drink 21 Epcot International Food & White Wine Festival, Orlando, Florida

food  drink Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

” The Chew” broadcasts from the Epcot International Food & White Wine Celebration.

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

” Favorite festival! Constantly a good time! For the price of admission, plus food and beverages, you can travel around the world and sip & bite for the numerous nations and destinations!”– Yelp user Aubrey F.

The dates for the 2020 celebration have actually not been revealed, but will likely happen in between late August and late November.

Find Out More about Epcot International Food & Red Wine Celebration here,

Food drink 20 Magic City Brewfest, Birmingham, Alabama

food  drink Beer Beauty Shot 002

Find out about craft beer and sample the very best that Alabama needs to offer.


” This. Was. So. Cool. Strolling in all you could see was beer stands, stunning water fountains, and lots of people having a good time. I was astonished at the amount of beer you might try and the variety was so terrific. It’s a perfect experience to truly discover what brands of beer you like without spending a heap of cash.”– Yelp user Caoilin H.

The date for Magic City Brewfest has not yet been revealed, but is expected to be in August2020

Discover More about Magic City Brewfest here.

Food drink 19 Festival of Nations, St. Louis, Missouri

food  drink festival of nations

The entryway into a busy Festival of Nations, put on by the International Institute St. Louis.

International Institute St. Louis/Facebook

” This event has lots of character, culture, activities, food from all around the world and live entertainment for the entire household to take pleasure in.”– Yelp user Christy A.

This year, the Celebration of Nations will be held August 22-23

Discover More about Celebration of Nations here.

Food drink 18 Indiana Microbrewers Festival, Bloomington, Indiana

food  drink indiana microbrewery fest

Sample beers from over 100 Hosier breweries.

Makers of Indiana Guild/Facebook

” Great occasion. We delighted in having the ability to attempt numerous various beers we would never purchase (like strawberry jalapeno and peanut butter and jelly). The event was set up extremely well to accommodate the large amount of individuals, and the map and tents were set up in a simple to navigate way.”– Yelp user Erin M.

This year, the Indiana Microbrewers Celebration will be on July25

Find Out More about Indiana Microbrewers Celebration here.

Food drink 17 Broad Appetit, Richmond, Virginia

food  drink broad appetite

Cool off with a fancy horchata from Broad Appetite.

Broad Appetite/Facebook

” This event is a highlight of the year for me. If you are into attempting brand-new restaurants/food, then this is the event for you. A portion of Broad Street is shut down and different restaurants and vendors set up and use choose food tastings for about $3-4! You likewise have the alternative of trying different beer, wine, and cider.”– Yelp user Olivia B.

This year, Broad Hunger will be on June 7.

Find Out More about Broad Appetite here.

Food drink 15 French Quarter Celebration, New Orleans, Louisiana

food  drink french quarter fest

Beignet french fries with chocolate sauce at French Quarter Festival in New Orleans.

French Quarter Fest/Facebook

” Incredible way to sample & experience the taste & culture of New Orleans. Several efficiency stages and a number of food & drink camping tents– You’ll hear noises of old country to jazz to zydeco to covers to popular hits. You’ll get to taste & drink local beers, frozen drinks, hot cocktails, and NOLA favorites from Po’ young boys, gator, southern plates, and seafood.”– Yelp user Marie L.

This year, French Quarter Fest will be occurring April 16-19

Find Out more about French Quarter Festival here.

Food drink 14 NuLu Fest, Louisville, Kentucky

food  drink NuLu Fest

A dessert with edible flowers.

NuLu: East Market District/ Facebook

” Great event packed with great music and fun vendors. I was shocked at the supplier costs being fairly low. Numerous festivals attempt to gouge you however not here. The stores were hectic however moving quickly and delighted for the additional business.”– Yelp user David B.

The festival will remain in September.

Find Out More about NuLu Fest here.

Food drink 13 Consume Real Festival, Oakland, California

food  drink eat real

A barbecue sandwich with coleslaw.

Eat Genuine Celebration/ Facebook

” This is without a doubt one of my favorite summer season festivals. It is the ideal method to put a cap on summertime and try all the brand-new things, old places and whatever in between. My siblings, pals and I have actually gone to every Summertime for several years now.”– Yelp user Elaysha J.

This year, the festival will remain in September.

Discover More about Eat Real Festival here.

Food drink 12 Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off, Triggers, Nevada

food  drink Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook off

Ribs slow prepared on a grill.

Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook off/ Facebook

” Lines can get pretty long but the wait is more than worth it for some of these spots! Memphis ribs was the very best I thought! Bought their sauce, had some ribs, brisket just no bun, and the pulled pork Mac n cheese! The family was connected!”– Yelp user Ryan Z.

The festival will be held September 2-7, 2020.

Discover More about Best in the West Nugget Rib Prepare off here.

Food drink 11 Tailspin Ale Fest, Louisville, Kentucky

food  drink Tailspin Ale Fest

Toasted bread with cheese and tomatoes.

Tailspin Ale Fest/ Facebook

” I’ve been to beer fests, red wine fests and margarita fests. This one absolutely is outstanding and tops my list.”– Yelp user Lorie L.

This year, the celebration will be on March 7.

Discover more about Tailpin Ale Fest here.

Food drink 10 Meadful Things and Outciders Festival, Indianapolis, Indiana

food  drink Meadful Things and Outciders Festival

A large selection of both beer and food.

New Day Craft/ Facebook

” This is my preferred ‘festival’ that is based on alcohol! I have actually attended the first celebration and the 3rd yearly celebration. It has actually enhanced considerably because it’s inception with the boost in the variety of food suppliers and the variety of cideries and meaderies represented.”– Yelp user Rina A.

The celebration will remain in September.

Find Out more about Meadful Things and Outciders Celebration here.

Food drink 9. The Atlantic City Beer and Music Celebration, Atlantic City, New Jersey

food  drink The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

The festival celebrates a number of breweries and its drinks.

The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival/ Facebook

” We have actually been going to the AC Beer Fest since its creation and it’s just grown and much better. With many breweries it kept the lines down to a minimum.”– Yelp user Albert S.

This year, the festival will be April 3-4.

Discover more about the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival here.

Food drink 8. Taste of Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach, California

food  drink Taste of Huntington Beach

Alaskan halibut served with lemon.

Taste of Huntingdon Beach/ Facebook

” The best thing is to see great deals of smiling faces who enjoyed themselves because the lines are short, food and beverages are plenty, and everybody having a fantastic time.”– Yelp user Pete S.

This year, the celebration will be on April26

Find Out More about Taste of Huntington Beach here.

Food drink 7. Street Food Movie Theater, Glendale, California

food  drink Street Food Cinema

Hamburgers and a film.

Street Food Cinema/ Facebook

” Super enjoyable occasion that I highly advise! The environment is chill, no lines, no smokers– really family friendly and dog friendly. There is a section slotted just for folks without chairs, so you’re pretty guaranteed to get an excellent view.”– Yelp user Judy S

The next occasion will be on February 14,2020

Discover more about Street Food Cinema here

Food drink 6. Taste of Santa Ana, Santa Ana, California

food  drink Taste of Santa Ana

Taste of Santa Ana.

MainPlace Shopping Center/ Facebook

” The 6th Yearly Taste of Santa Ana was such a fantastic venue with numerous food vendors and restaurants that were there sampling out a few of their tasty food and beverages! The ambience of this occasion was vibrant with interesting music and home entertainment on the stage as well as different video games established even for children to play!”– Yelp user Matthew K

The dates for the festival have not been announced however will likely be in October.

Discover more about Taste of Santa Ana here

Food drink 5. Michigan Makers Guild Summertime Beer Celebration, Ypsilanti, Michigan

food  drink Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival

The festival boasts unusual beer tastes like key lime pie and maple pancake.

MI Craft Beer/ Facebook

” The weather is terrific, and the scrumptious craft beer is numerous. All of your preferred Michigan craft breweries in one place bringing their A-game! What’s not to enjoy?!”– Yelp user Jessica N

This year, the celebration will be July 24-25

Learn more about Michigan Makers Guild Summertime Beer Festival here

Food drink 4. Chaiya Meditation Monastery Regular Monthly Food Fair, Las Vegas, Nevada

food  drink Chaiya Meditation Monastery Monthly Food Fair

Chaiya Meditation Abbey Month-to-month Food Fair.

Chaiya Meditation Abbey/ Facebook

” I enjoy coming here and delighting in the tasty food choices they have. To get house prepared Thai food is fantastic. The Pad Thai is well worth the trip by itself however there is so much more to try.”– Yelp user Ed V

The celebration occurs once a month. The next date is February 24, 2020.

Find Out More about Chaiya Meditation Monastery Month-to-month Food Fair here

Food drink 3. Great American Beer Festival, Denver, Colorado

food  drink Great American Beer Festival

The festival serves countless different sort of beer.

Terrific American Beer Celebration/ Facebook

” I have been the last 4 years and I have the very best time tasting various beers, seeing the unique booths and newest beer adventures. This is a celebration that is huge in size, so some planning is required. With over 800 breweries and more than 6000 beers to sample, you require to know where you are going and what you want to go to or it can be frustrating.”– Yelp user Dan C

This year, the festival will be September 24-26

Learn more about the Fantastic American Beer Celebration here.

Food drink 2. Barrels & Bites Benefitting Boys & Girls Club, Reno, Nevada

food  drink Barrels & Bites Benefitting Boys & Girls Club

A lineup of food permits patrons to choose what they want.

Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows/ Facebook

” Without a doubt one of the finest occasions that I have actually participated in! The layout made it easy to walk around and find the food, different beverage types, and the auction products.”– Yelp user James B

The next celebration will be hung on September 11, 2020.

Find Out More about Barrels & Bites Benefitting Boys & Girls Club here.




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