Financial Markets None of the 5 best US cities for purchasing a home is on the coast


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Financial Markets Homeowners

Financial Markets Homeowners

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  • With the predicted reductions in house rates over the next year, quickly might be the ideal time to buy a home.
  • Niche ranked the finest locations to buy a home in America based on home worths, property taxes, house ownership rates, real estate expenses, and property trends.
  • 2 Texas cities made the list, and Overland Park, Kansas, ranked in first place.
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It might quickly be the correct time to buy a home.

While the coronavirus upended the property market and sent waves of demand throughout the nation that turned numerous areas into seller’s markets, the commonly forecasted fall in some United States home prices over the next year might suggest the time for purchasers is near.

That stated, a current data report by Specific niche took a look at the finest locations in America to buy a house based on house values, real estate tax, own a home rates, housing expenses, and property trends.

Here are the top five cities to make the list– and none was on the coast.

Financial Markets 5. Naperville, Illinois

Financial Markets Napeville, Illinois

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Naperville is a dense rural city with a population of simply under 150,000, where about 76%of homeowners own their houses. Home to a big population of families and young experts, Naperville is ranked as the very best city to raise a family in America, and first on the list of cities with the finest public schools in the country.

The median home worth in Naperville is $410,800, and the average rent is $1,462

Financial Markets 4. Plano, Texas

Financial Markets Plano, Texas

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Plano is a thick suburban city with a population of simply under 300,000 About 40%of its citizens lease, while approximately 60%own their homes.

Plano ranks in the top 10 US cities to buy a home and raise a family, and the community is known to be house to many families and young professionals.

The average home value in Plano is $291,300, and the median lease is $1,330

Financial Markets 3. The Woodlands, Texas

Financial Markets The Woodlands Texas

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The Woodlands is a thick rural city with a population of simply over 100,000 where about 71%of residents own their homes. House to a large population of households and young experts, The Woodlands ranks second on the list of the nation’s best cities for raising a family.

The typical house worth in The Woodlands is $361,500, and the average rent is $1,567

Financial Markets 2. Rochester, Minnesota

Financial Markets Rochester, MN

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Rochester is a thick suburban city with a population of around 115,000 About 31%of its homeowners rent, while approximately 69%own their homes. The city likewise ranks in the top 25 best cities to raise a family in America.

Rochester’s typical home worth is $188,000 and the median lease is $942

Financial Markets 1. Overland Park, Kansas

Financial Markets Overland Park, Kansas

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Overland Park is home to a population of around 190,000 and ranks as the very best city to purchase a home in America, along with one of the finest locations to live in Kansas. A thick rural neighborhood, 63%of homeowners own their homes, and the location attracts many households and young experts. The general public school system is extremely rated too.

The mean house worth in Overland Park is $261,200, and the average rent is $1,125


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