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Celebrity News Whose Estate Is Worse: Dr. Phil’s or Jeffree Star’s?


Celebrity News Whose Estate Is Worse: Dr. Phil’s or Jeffree Star’s?

As the saying goes, money doesn’t buy taste—nor does it buy a decorator with taste, and never has that been so clear as in this week’s celebrity real estate news. Yes, we are talking about the Dr. Phil house. A Beverly Hills home owned by Dr. Phil McGraw hit the market earlier this week, as…

Celebrity News Whose Estate Is Worse: Dr. Phil’s or Jeffree Star’s?

Celebrity News

As the stating goes, money does not purchase taste– nor does it buy a designer with taste, and never has actually that been so clear as in this week’s star property news. Yes, we are discussing the Dr. Phil home.

A Beverly Hills home owned by Dr. Phil McGraw hit the market earlier this week, as reported by the Los Angeles Times Most likely due to the choices of McGraw’s child Jordan, who’s been living in the home, it’s a lot to take in, having actually been explained on Twitter as: “ if the Temple of Doom had a lobby bar,” “ like NRA lobbyists dropped a bunch of acid and then created a Cheesecake Factory,” and “ like Tim Burton designed a Las Vegas penthouse on bath salts” (All of those are precise.)

Sadly, that’s not all of it, as the abundant essentially live to reveal off their methods to us regular individuals. Also today, YouTube essential and appeal magnate Jeffree Star dropped “ New DREAM House Tour,” a 36- minute-long flex that presently holds the spot of YouTube’s greatest trending video, with 13 million views as of this writing. Gone are the days of Star’s giant, pink, fingerprint- and retina scan-protected, size-of-my-apartment purse vault— he’s carried on to bigger and, well, bigger things.

We might let these screens of wealth get us down. Having more than one closet? Can’t relate! Or instead of regreting our broke asses, we could have a laugh that people with a lot cash likewise have … Such. Bad. Taste. Now’s the time to remember, for example, that Neiman Marcus offers a $ 7,100 hotdog sofa So with the power vested in us by virtue of having enjoyed HGTV more than when: Whose mansion is more hellish, Dr. Phil’s or Jeffree Star’s?

Celebrity News The Essentials: Dr. Phil’s Home

Celebrity News 1578073416085-screenshot-dr-phil-mcgraw-beverly-hills-mansion-from-above

Image by means of

  • 5 bed rooms, 6 restrooms
  • Outside kitchen
  • Swimming pool, health club, and cabana
  • A “dramatically remodeled” interior with “eclectic surfaces that can be kept or transformed into your own vision,” per the listing

Celebrity News That Doesn’t Seem Too Bad, You Might State

That, dear reader, is where you are wrong. “Eclectic” can indicate “garish from patronizing the thrift shop,” or it can “banister made of snakes.” What appears from the outdoors to be a regular California mansion paves the way to what feels like the amphetamine-induced shopping spree of someone who at one point had the galaxy brain believed to combine Scarface, the glowing tree in Avatar, varoius aesthetic components of Anaconda, and a designer who just could not state no.

Celebrity News 1578073335908-screenshot-dr-phil-mcgraw-beverly-hills-house-staircase-foyer-with-snakes

Image by means of

The tackiness continues on, and in this velour and animal print haze, like a set of psychopathic “I Spy” images, squint and you’ll find: a ridiculous number of bear-shaped toys consisting of one inexplicably hanging from a giant pair of lips and another relatively impersonated the Joker; a dining-room wall covered with rifles; a print of the word “FUCK” with a pom-pom beneath it; and a TELEVISION playing The Godfather, due to the fact that naturally.

Celebrity News 1578075191933-Screen-Shot-dr-phil-mcgraw-mansion-theater

Picture through

Celebrity News 1578074163715-dr-phil-mc-graw-house-living-room-wall

Photo by means of

Celebrity News 1578074220544-dr-phil-house-billiards-table

Picture via

Celebrity News 1578074299012-Screen-Shot-2020-01-03-at-125827-PM

Image through

Okay, moving on!

Celebrity News The Basics: Jeffree Star’s Home

Celebrity News 1578075688213-screenshot-jeffree-star-new-dream-house-from-above

Image via

According to the video and as broken down by PopBuzz, Star’s Hidden Hills estate consists of the following, which can be seen as pros or cons depending on how you feel about the expression “eat the rich”:

  • Not one however two (2) visitor homes
  • 16- automobile garage
  • 13 bathrooms
  • A kitchen bigger than some junk food joints
  • A wine cellar
  • A three-story glass elevator
  • A cinema
  • A room for Star’s collection of pinball makers
  • A two-story fitness center with a locker room and urinal
  • A 5,400 square-foot barn
  • A substantial outdoor pool that Star will quickly turn pink

Celebrity News What’s Bad About It?

For all that cash (over $14,600,000, per Zillow), Star’s home looks a soulless Vegas casino from the Ocean’s Eleven series. The vibe is decidedly 90 s, however not in a cool, trendy way– it appears like a suburban prom location. It likewise looks like a Cheesecake Factory, but without any acid or bath salts to spice it up a little bit. Yawn!

Celebrity News 1578076203915-Screen-Shot-2020-01-03-at-13019-PM-jeffree-star-house

Picture through

Celebrity News 1578076060131-jeffree-star-mansion-house-tour

Screenshot via YouTube

Celebrity News 1578076071676-jefree-star-mansion-house-tour-with-shane-dawson

Screenshot by means of YouTube

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Celebrity News The Decision

They’re both bad! And yet, if we had $ 5,750,000 burning a hole in our savings account, we ‘d be preparing the U-Haul to move into the McGraw estate– however only if it came furnished as-is. When the world ends and swallows Beverly Hills for all it has wrought, all we can actually expect is a snake-covered banister to keep for dear life. In 2020, it’s time to accept our one real god: turmoil.

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