Celebrity News Watch Halsey gush about sweetheart Evan Peters, mock her own tune in a New Jersey accent, and draw Infant Yoda in 30 seconds


Celebrity News


  • Halsey was featured on the Wednesday episode of NBC’s “The Tonight Program Starring Jimmy Fallon.”
  • The 25- year-old “Manic” singer played a game of “Google Translate Songs” and even gone over little bits of her individual life.
  • She opened about her “beloved” partner Evan Peters and gently buffooned her roots by reciting the lyrics to her single “Graveyard” in a New Jersey accent.
  • She was likewise challenged to sketch a portrait of Jimmy Fallon in less than 30 seconds, but “got sidetracked” and drew Infant Yoda rather.
  • View the video below. (She speaks about Peters at the 0: 15 mark, displays her Jersey accent at 2: 40, and starts drawing Infant Yoda at 4: 00.)
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