Archaeology Promote composite culture: IHC






Political leaders ought to refrain from making unreliable statements on history: congress.

The 80 th Indian History Congress (IHC) has hired political and administrative authorities to pursue the constitutional task of promoting composite culture, which is crucial to promoting the territorial unity of India.

A resolution gone by the IHC executive committee here on Monday said politicians must refrain from making inaccurate declarations to turn mythology into history or promote rewriting of history to arouse divisive statements, indicating the consistent refrain to change school syllabi.

Archaeology Problem of issue

The committee expressed concern at the maintenance of monuments such as the Red Fort, now being auctioned out to private firms.

The resolution called for an objective evaluation of the plan by the Central Board Of Advisers of Archaeology or any other identified body of specialists.

The panel observed that the national education policy had numerous alarming functions requiring major review.

It raised concern over the policy file that called for instilling a heavy dosage of Sanskrit in all levels of education, while defining modern knowledge and pedagogy that proposes this understanding as static.

The committee expressed concern at the negative condition for research study in Jammu and Kashmir, owing to the shutdown of the Web and libraries and non-functioning of education organizations.