Archaeology Pokemon x Daniel Arsham “Fictional Archaeology” T-Shirt Collection Launches From UNIQLO



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Artist Daniel Arsham is known for a creative concept he calls “Fictional Archaeology”, which imagines how familiar objects would look if they were unearthed 1,000 years in the future. For his partnership with The Pokemon Company and UNIQLO UT, he’s employing the concept in a t-shirt collection called “Relics of Kanto Through Time” featuring Pokemon characters that have been crystalized in the year 3020.

The collection includes designs for men, women, and kids in a sketch drawn, wearable art style. All of the designs can be ordered here at UNIQLO for $9.90 to $14.90 while they last. If you’re a Pokemon fan that appreciates something unique, this collection should be right up your alley. You can take a closer look at the shirt designs in the gallery below.

Commenting on this collaboration collection, Arsham said, “With many of my projects, I try to make work that’s not just for art people and I think UNIQLO has a similar egalitarian culture. The reason I feature iconic characters in my work is that they are very recognizable, and, on the surface, they make it easy to enter my work. Pokémon has been a monumental presence ever since I was a child and I’m excited about the opportunity to present my work to a much wider audience.”

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Archaeology Pikachu

Archaeology 20SS_cutsewn_428125_09_340N387H_A1_S

Archaeology Jigglypuff (Women)

Archaeology 20SS_cutsewn_430598_00_240N247B_A1_S

Archaeology Pikachu (Women)

Archaeology 20SS_cutsewn_430597_09_240N247A_A1_S

Archaeology Mewtwo

Archaeology 20SS_cutsewn_430585_09_340N387I_A1_S

Archaeology Pokedex

Archaeology 20SS_cutsewn_428129_00_340N387G_A1_S

Archaeology Pokemon Logo

Archaeology 20SS_cutsewn_428128_00_340N387F_A1_S

Archaeology Pikachu and Trainer

Archaeology 20SS_cutsewn_428127_09_340N387E_A1_S

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