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Did you take pleasure in the hot lesbians with 18 th-century headgear taking sensual beach walks on cold days in Portrait of a Woman on Fire? How about Kate Winslet wearing grannycore on her method to seduce an ingénue in The Reader? Or all the referrals to archaeology in Call Me by Your Name? Titanic‘s impressive romance in between 2 people of different social classes? The hairdos in Little Women? Yes? Kind of, however what’s your point? It’s just this: A misty lesbian-romance period piece with a paleontology B plot will be released quickly, and it may simply be for you.

On Tuesday, the very first trailer for God’s Own Country director Francis Lee’s highly anticipated brand-new film, Ammonite, dropped. In it, Winslet plays British paleontologist Mary Anning, who is unfortunate and pale and living in the 1840 s as a woman fossil hunter at a time when that can’t be simple. Variety reports that Mary’s “days of making famous geological discoveries” are “behind her,” and now she should browse for “typical fossils to offer to travelers to support herself and her sickly mom.” When a wealthy spouse visits to ask her to look after his partner, Charlotte (Saoirse Ronan), who suffers from “melancholia,” she has no option but to take this guy’s cash.

This isn’t as clear in the trailer, however according to Range, the 2 “initially clash due to their different social classes and characters.” Charlotte always smiles; Mary never does. Nevertheless, the 2 fall in love and kneel prior to each other and whatnot. It’s timeless, it’s gorgeous, it’s flawlessly acted. It’s gon na make you horny for gloomy weather condition.

Lesbian Paleontology Period-Piece Alert