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Archaeology 考古学 英文記事 ノルウェーでこれまで知られていなかったヴァイキングの交易所を発見


Archaeology 考古学 英文記事 ノルウェーでこれまで知られていなかったヴァイキングの交易所を発見

★科学ニュース+ 07/18 16:55 23res 平均投稿時速:0.0res/h 対板現在投稿率:0.0% 2NNのURL 原題:Viking Trade Center Found in Northern Norway ROMSØ, NORWAY—According to a statement released by the Arctic University of Norway, archaeology student Tor-Kjetil Krokmyrdal has discovered a Viking trade center in northern Norway on the coast of the island of Hinnøya. Jewelry, weights, coins, and items related to…

Archaeology 考古学 英文記事 ノルウェーでこれまで知られていなかったヴァイキングの交易所を発見


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Archaeology 【考古学】〈英文記事〉ノルウェーでこれまで知られていなかったヴァイキングの交易所を発見

原題: Viking Trade Center Found in Nor the registered nurse Norway

ROMSØ, NORWAY– According to a declaration launched by the Arctic University of Norway, archaeology student Tor– Kjetil Krokmyrdal has discovered a Viking trade center in nor the rn Norway on the coast of the island of Hinnøya. Jewelry, weights, coins, and items connected to forging iron and ship structure and repair have actually been recuperated. The ninth century site is the first of its kind to be found in the area. Krokmyrdal said he started browsing the website with a metal detector due to the fact that the village where the website lies is name d “S and torg,” which translates to “market or trading location at S and” Tjelsund, the name of the regional town, is associated to the word “tjelde,” which indicates to invest a night in or under a boat resting on land Krokmyrdal believes a ninth century chieftain living at the website might have controlled ship ping through the stra its separating the island from the primary land The location is also really tactical in regards to trade,” Krokmyrdal said. “ The existing at S and torg is re all y strong, and all the tourists would need to wait up until the existing turned before the y could continue the ir journey,” he discussed. To read about a Viking ship burial recently excavated on the Norwegian island of Edoya, go to “ Cruising the Viking Seas


ノルウェー 北極圏 トロント 発の声明によると 、 考古学 の学生である Tor– Kjetil Krokmyrdal氏は 、 ノルウェー 北部のヒンノーヤ島の海岸にある バイキング の貿易 センター を発見しました 。

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